Honorable Mentions




Lisa Starr grew up around a musical family, choosing to pursue singing after receiving compliments on her voice from her second grade music teacher. She has been teaching for around 13 years, and is an energetic, passionate instructor. One of the things Lisa enjoys most about teaching music is seeing the breakthroughs that students experience as they reach that next plateau in their development, feeling and experiencing the excitement of  improvement in their level of playing. Aside from teaching, she enjoys performing with the various bands she works with in venues all across the Chicago area.  Lisa is an avid volleyball player, and has played in year-round leagues for several years, and enjoys spending time and having fun with friends and family. She also prides herself in her problem solving skills, including riddles, puzzles and all types of word games.  Lisa’s advice to a beginner musician is, “Practice, practice, practice!” For her students who are serious about music, “perform as frequently as you can, and lastly, learn to understand the business. Music is a business just like anything else.”