Lisa Starr-Instructor

Lisa is a dynamically entertaining and energetic performer and instructor.  Her background in classical voice provides the basic foundation for both her performing and teaching disciplines.  She has studied music theory, piano, french horn and has been performing for over 20 years, both as a solo artist with various jazz, pop and rock ensembles.  Her energy, enthusiasm and heartfelt soul are evident in both her teaching and performing styles.

Learn to command the stage with an unforgettable performance.  Gain experience performing in front of an audience, using a microphone and dealing with nerves.  Learn to do more than just sing a song!  Learn to deliver the message of what you're singing with passion.

Practice stage presence techniques and handling a microphone.  Learn how to get the song interpretation across to the audience.  Feel what you're singing and express what you're feeling!

Workshop (Ages 10 and older)


Tuesday, 8/7/18 

Friday, 8/10/18


FEE:    $50/student, includes both sessions (Must attend both sessions)

Format:  Student is to come prepared with two songs to sing, (one upbeat and one ballad), to perform using pre-recorded accompaniment; either on CD, mobile device, or from YouTube is fine.  In both sessions, the student performs a song, receives feedback and tips from the Instructor and other students, then performs the same song again, incorporating the feedback.

SESSION 1: Learn and practice stage presence tips; Initial performance and detailed feedback.

SESSION II: Recap, final performance recorded, concluding comments.


Apollo Music

3691 Darlene Ct.

Aurora, IL  60504


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